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Active ingredient: Stanozolol

Package: 10ml vial

Dosage: 100mg/ml


Stanozolol (STANZO) 100 mg 10 ml Spectrum Pharma

This injectable Stanozolol is manufactured by Drake Pharma and distributed in multidose vials holding 10 ml. The concentration of Stanozolol in this product is 100mg/ml.

In bodybuilding, Stanozolol is used for burning fat and removing excess water from a body within cutting cycles. In addition, it helps to get lean and strong muscles. Also, due to an increase in red blood cell production, Stanozolol helps a consumer to become stronger and more durable. In many cases, Stanozolol is applied in stacks, since it intensifies the effects of other steroids. This steroid suits both male and female bodybuilders.